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We help leading companies make faster and better innovation decisions through data analytics.
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We combine entrepreneurship
experience and data science for better innovation

9 out of 10 start ups fail. We increase the chance of being among the 10% of disruptive survivors.
How it works

How it

This is your market. It contains thousands of companies with different business models.

We combine various data sources to identify market structures.

  • VC data
  • Market data
  • Web & traffic data
  • Tech data

We extract market sub-segments ...

… which we break down into detailed business model segments that cover next-gen business models in your space.

We use our experience-based, unique KPI set to evaluate and compare the success potential of each business model.

  • Investment momentum
  • Start Up momentum
  • Web traffic momentum
  • IP momentum
  • Competitors maturity
  • Time to success
  • Capital needs

In the end, we'll get the most promising business model with the highest momentum in the market.

When we
can help

Trying to
find your
next venture?

Idea Discovery

Discovering great ideas is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Don't waste your time digging around randomly like everyone else. We provide a data-driven navigation system to guide you to your target market's most promising business models.

Hell yeah or hell no. Need to make a decision?

Idea Selection

Idea selection is often very close to rolling the dice. We provide the data to make solid decisions without exposing yourself or your organization to unnecessary risk.

Soonicorn or dying swan. Need some objective advice?

Investment Decisions

Being too late is noticed very early, but being too early is recognized too late. We provide the data points which signal if the time is right to invest in a particular venture.





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